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Abandoned and Hideo Kojima’s CONSPIRATION in it?

The game Abandoned, which has just been announced, is being talked about by many gamers, many of whom speculate that this horror survival game is made by Hideo Kojima, who recently announced that Kojima Productions is in the process of developing a game.

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As we all know that Kojima really likes to give teasers by carrying strange studio names and not on behalf of himself for the games that are being worked on and this is the initial speculation of Abandoned itself.

Because if explored further, you will be very difficult to find information from the Blue Box Games itself. Starting from the website that doesn’t work, the games that were developed and entered the early access stage are no longer getting updates and there are many more irregularities in the name of this Abandoned game.

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Abandoned and Hideo Kojima's CONSPIRATION in it

But on the one hand, this speculation can also be refuted by information from Jeff Grub who said that Kojima himself is in talks with Xbox and Microsoft regarding publishing for his next game. But again, all of this is still a mystery and it cannot be concluded easily.

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