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BlackShark V2 Review – The Perfect Headset from Razer

We recently had the latest gaming headset product from Razer’s, namely BlackShark V2, which is an upgraded version of its predecessor which is equipped with THX Spatial Audio technology at a very attractive price and sound quality. So we just go straight to the review.

BlackShark V2 Review - The Perfect Headset from Razer
Razer BlackShark V2
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Talking about the design itself, the BlackShark V2 is wrapped in matte black and of course the green Razer logo, looks simple but minimalist at the same time. Plus there aren’t too many buttons, the body itself only has a volume knob and a mic mute button, making this BlackShark V2 seem simple.

The first time you hold this one headset, you will think of a word that is “light” because here it uses memory foam which is very soft with materials such as clothing, so it is very comfortable to use and you can say about the built quality itself BlackShark V2 is very solid. and very comfortable to use for a long time.

Entering the sound quality section, this headset comes with a USB soundcard, where the USB soundcard is used to adjust the equalizer, THX Spatial Audio and also the Mic. What is clear is that the use of this sound card itself really makes a difference from the sound quality of the Razer BlackShark V2, making the sound much more powerful.

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In terms of sound quality this headset has a very balanced sound character both in terms of sound stage and also the separation between treble, mid and bass and this itself is quite influenced by the 50mm triforce driver. The headset itself has a laidback character so the speaker feels all around and the nice separation makes each instrument heard clearly at different distances.

Triforce 50mm Driver

In terms of the mic itself, the sound is quite small and seems dry, only contains vocals, the compression is also quite standard, but you don’t need to be afraid because in terms of software, this headset itself has a noise-canceling feature which is quite helpful.

In conclusion, with the price offered at USD 129, – This headset provides sound quality and build quality which makes it very comfortable to use for quite a long time. We ourselves can recommend this Razer headset for gamers who are looking for a headset that not only has an attractive design or built quality, but is also very good in terms of sound quality.

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