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Clubhouse CEO Denies Leaked User Data


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Clubhouse audio chatroom application which is currently being discussed by many people on social media in the last few months. Even. most of the popular social media apps like Twitter, Discord, Instagram want the same features as Clubhouse.

However, recently it was reported that users’ data had been leaked on the internet. In the report, about 1.3 million Clubhouse user data leaked online.

According to information, the details of this leak include ID, name, photo URL, Twitter username, Instagram username, number of followers, date of account creation, and other personal information.

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After many rumors about the incident, according to an official statement from Clubhouse, this information is false and misleading. The company claims that the data in the report is the public profile information of the Clubhouse application.

This means that anyone can access this information via its application or API. This does not mean that the audio application has been hacked or compromised.

In addition, the same source also claims that 500 million personal data of LinkedIn users has been leaked. However, Microsoft has vehemently denied this report. When there is a leak, the company can hardly deny the leak.

Microsoft says the data is public data that anyone can access. In addition, this information arrangement can be adjusted according to the wishes of the public.

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