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Clubhouse Released on Android!

Clubhouse Released on Android! Here's How To Play

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Clubhouse Released on Android!, In the current pandemic era, many similar applications for sharing information have emerged, including Clubhouse, which in the past few months has become a trending topic among users of the iOs platform. Officially launched for the first time in March 2020, Clubhouse is an application developed by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth that is growing very rapidly. According to The Information, the valuation is predicted to reach US $ 4 billion.

Clubhouse, an audio-based social media platform, has successfully become a topic of conversation when the CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX, and Elon Musk used the application. At the beginning of its appearance, Clubhouse could only be used by iOs platform users. This of course stole the attention of Android users. The interest of Android users to be able to experience the trend of Clubhouse received a positive response from Clubhouse Co-Founder Paul Davidson. Davidson said that, the Android version of Clubhouse is their priority, and the company is currently developing an Android version.

The Android version of Clubhouse is currently out in beta for selected countries. There is no information that tells when this application will be released in Indonesia. Even so, Android users can already register (pre-register) on Google Play.

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On the official Clubhouse website, it has been stated that “over the next few weeks, Clubhouse is gathering input from the community, fixing all the problems we see, and working on adding some final features such as payments and club creation before launching more broadly”.

Before it can actually be used by all Android users, here’s how to play at Clubhouse :

  • Users must first receive an invitation from existing Clubhouse users
  • Create an account
  • Choose a favorite chat topic
  • Select Room / Club

After taking these steps, users can follow the ongoing discussion in the selected room or room like a webinar on Zoom or other video conferencing applications. In this “room” allows the user to meet virtually with unknown people with an interest in the same topic. Users can choose to listen to the speaker in progress or join the discussion by chatting via audio.

So, are you ready to welcome Clubhouse on Android? Don’t forget to learn how to use it so you don’t get confused when it’s really available for all Android users!

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