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EA Play will not be part of E3, will be held after E3 2021

EA will hold its own event without the auspices of E3 2021, Changes to the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3.

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which was not held last year due to the pandemic, apparently made many publishers try to be independent and not depend on the event held by ESA.

Even though there are still publishers and developers who depend on E3 2021, not a few of them hold their own events. One of them is Electronic Arts, which this time will break away from E3 through EA Play.

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They announced this themselves through their official Twitter account that the EA Play Live showcase will be held one month after E3 2021. To be precise on July 22, 2021. EA is one of the many well-known publishers who do not support E3 2021 with PlayStation, Activision, and Epic Games. .

But Battlefield fans don’t have to wait that long before the event is held. They will get the latest information in June as announced on the official Battlefield Twitter account yesterday.

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