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Fix! Windows 11 is sure to be a free upgrade

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After many leaks about Windows 11 circulating on the Internet in the past months, finally Windows 11 is released as well. This latest Operating System from Microsoft emphasizes simplification in all aspects. Starting from the User Interface, Windows Store, and is said to be able to improve overall performance and multitasking.

It’s been confirmed by Microsoft

Microsoft has officially made Windows 11 a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. For users other than Windows 10, they can upgrade the operating system first, then they will likely get it too. So, for now it is still unclear whether there will be a direct update to Windows 11 other than for Windows 10 users.

Not only visual appearance, performance improvement and multitasking are also the focus of Windows 11. Windows Update will also be claimed to be 40 percent smaller and more efficient because the process takes place in the background. Microsoft hopes that with this updated feature, Windows 11 will not interfere with users when on the move.

Windows Still Comes As A Service

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As mentioned earlier here, Windows 11 is still continuing their old strategy of “Windows As A Service”. Well, users can do the update as long as they meet the following requirements:

  1. 64-Bit CPU
  2. Minimum RAM 4GB
  3. Minimum 64GB storage
  4. Microsoft Windows 10 Genuine License

Some Windows features are now not bundled with the operating system, so users can get updates more quickly. Windows Store will be used efficiently so that users can update without having to wait for updates from Microsoft. In addition, Windows Search is also web-based, so features like this will get updates faster.

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Microsoft still offers the same method as Windows 10 to download Windows 11 through multiple servers. It is estimated that users can download Windows 11 through Microsoft Windows Update.

Already Supports Android Apps

windows 11

No less interesting than Windows 11 is that it supports Android applications on Windows. Microsoft is partnering with Amazon and Intel to make this happen. In the coming months, Microsoft will provide information about this new feature. Microsoft also features TikTok running on Windows.

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