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Follow Apple, Google Lets Users Turn Off Tracking Features on Android Phones

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Apple has made significant changes with iOS 14.5, where in that version, they released the App Tracking Transperency (ATT) feature.

This feature allows users to specify which applications can view and record activity for online advertising purposes.

With this feature, the app developer must ask the user for permission to track user information for personalized advertising.

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The changes made by Apple are intended to provide more privacy and transparency to its customers when it comes to data collection.

Google then followed Apple’s lead to release this feature but with a different mechanism from what Apple did.

Google will release it through Android 12, where they will take advantage of the advertising ID found on Google Play.

To note if advertising ID is a code that is owned by a unique user. So, it can also be referred to as a user activity tracker on an Android phone.

Later, with the release of this feature, users will have the option to opt out or no longer be tracked for personalized advertising purposes when using the application.

Starting late 2021, when users opt out of personalized advertising the ad identifier will not be available. You will receive a null string in place of the identifier.

According to Google’s support page on Advertising ID, the changes will begin in late 2021 on devices running Android 12 and in early 2022 for all devices that support Google Play Services.

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