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Ghost Rider’s New Version Is Speedster!

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In the world in the Heroes Reborn series, many of the popular heroes in the Marvel Universe appear in different “versions”. Among the many characters affected, Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider, is one of them. He appears as the Ghost Rider and the fastest character in the world, in his newest “form”.

During the attacks in Washington D.C. which was done by Doctor Juggernaut and Masters of Doom, Stanley Stewart aka Blur had to deal with the fast-running magician, Wanda Maximoff aka Silver Witch. The chase that took place between them took place in various places, with Wanda trying to get revenge against Blur. On the other hand, Blur himself does just that while also entertaining his fans.

However, at one point, Blur lost focus, and Silver Witch used one of his best techniques to then remove Stanley’s astral form from his body. Stanley himself did not have much time, he had to return to his original body immediately. To buy time, Stanley then uses his strength and leaves the timeline.

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He went to another timeline in his life. In his adventure, Stanley finds an epic moment in his life where he meets Johnny Blaze. What is unique is that in this meeting Johnny Blaze is not the Ghost Rider as we know it. He was known as the Ghost Runner, an extraordinary speedster demon.

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Broadly speaking, the figure of Johnny Blaze in the comic series Heroes Reborn has the same past as the original version. He is an expert biker who often performs dangerous stunts. Johnny is willing to trade his soul with the devil for the sake of healing his father. He later transformed into Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance.

However, there were some changes and big differences from this Ghost Runner figure. By design, Ghost Runner looks more like Roberto Reyes, the successor of Johnny Blaze. And the most unique thing is that Ghost Runner does not ride a horse, car, motorcycle, or any vehicle. As the name implies, he relies on his strength to run wherever he goes, including when racing with Stanley.

Of all the heroes and villains that appear in different versions in Heroes Reborn, you could say that Johnny Blaze is the only one whose character can still be recognized. Although most of the characters remain the same, on the other hand there are those who change according to the storyline. Ghost Runner itself is the latest, interesting version of the Ghost Rider character, and with this uniqueness, it is hoped that Marvel will be able to bring back its character.

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