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New Battlefields will be Released for Old and New Consoles


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New Battlefields will be Released for Old and New Consoles, They won’t be releasing it specifically for the PS5 or Xbox Series only.

The presence of the new Battlefield is still a mystery besides the announcement that the game will be showcased in June. EA and DICE have also confirmed that the game will come with a larger scale of destruction than the previous iteration.

However, in this financial report, EA confirmed one of the latest information that they have not announced. One of them is the platform the newest Battlefield will go to.

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Launching VGC, EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced that the new Battlefield will be released for both old and new consoles. This means EA will release it not only for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, but for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and of course for PC.

Wilson said that the new console version will maximize all the technology it has. In other words, this version will be much better with physics, AI, and a more immersive experience thanks to its much better power compared to the old console.

Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen agreed with Wilson’s statement that the new Battlefield will look good on both consoles, but much better on the latest one.

Wilson then continued that they will announce everything in June and share more details in the summer. Indicate that they will share further information after the first trailer at the EA Play event which will be held on July 22, 2021.

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