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Nvidia Soon Restore RTX 3060’s Cryptomining Restriction Capability

nvidia rtx 3060Nvidia is developing new technology that will be used to limit the cryptomining capabilities of the RTX 3060 GPU. Launching from Videocardz.com, That will roll out a new driver update to restore the RTX 3060’s ability to limit Ethereum Bitcoin mining.

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In this latest driver update, Nvidia will add a hash limiter on the GEFORCE RTX 3060 GPU which serves to limit the cryptomining capabilities of the GPU. Nvidia decided to limit the ability of the RTX 3060 in Cryptomining activities since the initial release of the RTX 3060 at the end of last February.

considers this step to be the right decision to overcome the potential shortage of GPUs in the market. Nvidia’s Head of Global Marketing, Matt Wuebbling, said that the reduction in the RTX 3060’s mining capabilities was aimed at ensuring the availability of RTX 3060 for gamers, streamers and content creators.

Unfortunately, some crypto miners managed to tinker with the Cryptomining activity limiting technology on the RTX 3060 so that this GPU can run optimally when used for Cryptomining.

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Realizing this gap, Nvidia has finally announced the latest update to restore the RTX 3060’s capabilities. Nvidia will embed the new Cryptomining activity restriction technology in the Geforce 466.27 driver update.

In the Geforce 466.27 driver update, Nvidia not only added a hash limiter on the RTX 3060, but also on other RTX 3000 series.

A report from Videocardz.com reveals that Nvidia will be bringing LHR or Lite Hash Rate across all RTX 3000 series in anticipation of GPU grabbing by crypto miners.

The plan is that Nvidia will release the Geforce 466.27 driver update in May.

What is your opinion regarding the restoration of the cryptomining limitation capability on the RTX 3060? Share your opinion in the comments column yes!

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