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Polri Collaborates with Interpol to Hunt Jozeph Paul Zhang, who claims to be the 26th prophet

Polri Collaborates with Interpol to Hunt Jozeph Paul Zhang, who claims to be the 26th prophet

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Bareskrim Polri is coordinating with Interpol to hunt down Jozeph Paul Zhang’s whereabouts . Jozeph Paul Zhang challenged residents to report him to the police because he claimed to be the 26th prophet.

As quoted by Antara , Sunday (18/4/2021), the Head of Criminal and Criminal Investigation Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto, said that his party suspected Jozeph was not in Indonesia. The National Police also coordinated with immigration authorities who knew that Jozeph Paul Zhang’s crossing data had left Indonesia since January 2018.

However, Agus emphasized that Jozeph Paul Zhang’s presence abroad did not prevent him from exploring the case and was preparing investigative documents.

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“The investigation mechanism will continue even if the person concerned is abroad,” said Agus.

Bareskrim Polri cooperates with overseas police and makes a wanted list (DPO) for Jozeph Paul Zhang. This is so that Jozeph Paul Zhang can be deported from the country where he is.

“The cooperation mechanism for the foreign police can work. Whether the country where the person concerned lives is deporting him. The DPO will be issued later,” said Agus.

Agus explained that Bareskrim investigators could take action by making a report of findings related to the intolerant content. According to Agus, intolerant content that creates social conflict and community unrest can damage unity and integrity.

“If it is like that, investigators’ findings can be made on intolerant content, causing social conflict and community unrest, destroying unity and integrity, according to the SE Kapolri, it will be dealt with firmly,” said Agus.

Previously, Jozeph Paul Zhang challenged at least 5 police reports at different police stations. Jozeph Paul Zhang will reward the person who reports it Rp. 1 million.

” Caves love the competition. The cave is already making videos. I ‘ve make a video challenge. That could laporin cave to police cave love of money that can laporin cave to police blasphemy, ya cave ya prophet 26th, Jozeph Paul Zhang. Straighten straying teachings of the prophet 25th and his most obscene obscenity, “he said.

“If you can make a police report in the name of blasphemy, cave love one report $ 1 million. A maximum of five reports. In order not saying cave ngibul not it be right to Rp 5 million. In the area of the police station are different. I love 1 report $ 1 million. So five reports of Rp. 5 million. Be patient. The 16th prophet club, you are wearing your shirt and you are being attacked by your people, this is a blasphemy club, “said Jozeph.

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