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PUBGM Collaboration With Godzilla vs Kong!

pubg x gozilla and kongPUBGM Collaboration With Godzilla vs Kong!, Playerunknown’s Battleground Mobile or commonly called PUBG M continues to innovate and bring interesting events for its players. Especially in collaborating with big franchises. As is well known, recently many rumors have sprung up showing PUBGM collaboration with Godzilla vs Kong.

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This time the rumors have been answered, launching from duniagames.co.id PUBG M has officially announced that the Godzilla vs Kong event will be present on 11 May 2021Β and is ready to bring interesting new modes and of course the skins that you can get. get it.

In this latest mode, it is said that the two monsters will try to make a mess of the available PUBG M maps, by trying to step on the players and also throw the players with various items. The giants can be seen in the mini-map as players prepare for battle. The creatures known as Titans also roam around the map and destroy buildings and hit players who get in their way. For Sanhok himself, Kong will leave a trail of crystals that players can pick up and use to gain buffs that allow them to run faster and jump higher.

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Here is a little gameplay leak regarding the Godzilla vs Kong event where we can see Godzilla stepping on the player’s vehicle and attacking the player:

Talking about the event, of course, like before, PUBG M will present added unique skins, the release of this event is very close to season 19 of PUBG M which will bring the latest Royale Pass as well, so you have to start getting ready for top-ups. We have recommended places for you to do top-ups which are easy and fast, namely vcgamers.com. So, in addition to interesting news, there you can also immediately top-up your favorite games.

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