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Ranked Match in CS:GO No Longer Free-To-Play

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The success of the Counter-Strike series is undeniable. Starting from a simple mod, this game has now become one of the most popular FPS genres of all time. Thanks to its popularity, Valve as a developer also took the initiative to make its last game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (abbreviated CS:GO) free-to-play, aka it can be played for free.

However, for some reason, now Valve has just decided to change some of its free-to-play systems. Because they just announced that “free” players will no longer be able to access Ranked mode and a number of other features without Prime status.

Prime status in CSGO is obtained by players who have previously purchased the game so that the owner of that status can only be met with other Prime status players. In addition, free-to-play players can also get Prime status by playing until reaching level 21 or buying it directly on the Steam page.

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Now, the system has been changed. Prime status can now only be obtained by buying it directly and can no longer be obtained when reaching level 21. In addition, “free” players are now also no longer able to access Ranked mode, get XP, group skills and some items such as weapon cases or graffiti drops . A number of these accesses can now only be enjoyed by players with Prime status only.

Through the official Counter-Strike blog, Valve stated that this decision had to be carried out to eradicate some “nuisance elements” that could hinder the playing experience for newcomers and old players. The meaning of “intruder” here seems to refer to cheaters who have been mushrooming lately, especially since the game has been released for free.

Prime status can now be purchased via the Steam page for IDR 213,000. Free-to-play players who once had Prime status through level 21 will also be revoked. But the level and XP will remain intact on the condition that players must immediately upgrade to Prime in the next 2 weeks. For the rest, all progress will be lost permanently.

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