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[Rumor] GTA 6 Will Bring Gameplay to Manage Fiction Crypto Currency


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Grand Theft Auto 6 or commonly abbreviated as GTA 6 is one of the most awaited games by gamers. Although GTA V is still active with various updates and events in its online mode, gamers still want the latest games from the franchise. Recently, there were rumors saying that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a money system in the form of a fictional Crypto.

You see, why is there Cryptocurrency in the GTA 6 game? Instead of being confused and curious, let’s find out together!

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Crypto Money System in GTA 6?
This information comes from an informant named Tom Henderson. He in particular often provides accurate leaked information about the Battlefield game to gamers. Through his recent tweet, he provided information about GTA 6 which he said will use the Cryptocurrency money system in the game.

You can see his tweet below.

Recently, I heard that some of the missions completed in GTA 6 will be rewarded with bitcoins instead of cash.

The stock market feature will return with some additions such as brokers for each different cryptocurrency. If GTA 6 combines this, it will be something big for crypto.”

“To avoid confusion, I mean in-game bitcoin payments.

The payment will be given from a character’s boss who will send large amounts of cash that cannot be traced and quickly

Following the Popular Culture

The Grand Theft Auto V game has many references to stories, cultures or cultures that are happening and are currently popular in our world. One of them is a reference to a well-known social media application company in games that make their own smartphone products (you must know this reference, don’t you).

Currently, more and more people are interested in cryptocurrencies. Based on rumors from Tom Henderson, Rockstar plans to include a cryptocurrency system due to the popularity of the system. Will the cryptocurrency system really be included in the GTA 6 game? Let’s just wait for official information from Rockstar.

Rumors of Grand Theft Auto 6

At the time this article was written (5/6), there were a lot of leaked information about the game Grand Theft Auto 6. Some time ago, rumors emerged that said that GTA 6 was planned to be released in 2023.

In addition, there are also rumors about the story of GTA 6 which will focus on the city of Vice City. All these rumors have no official confirmation from Rockstar. This includes the cryptocurrency system which is one of the fictional money systems in GTA 6.

That’s information about Grand Theft Auto 6 which will present a crypto system in the game. Do you agree that GTA 6 has that system?

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