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Singapore Plans to Live With Covid, Consider Corona Flu Ordinary

merlion singapureSingapore is drawing up a roadmap for how to live more normally with Covid-19 in the hope that the virus will become as endemic as influenza.

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The government of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is preparing its citizens to be able to carry out normal activities such as work to leisure without lockdown and quarantine rules despite the threat of the corona virus around them.

“It’s been 18 months since the pandemic emerged and society is tired of fighting. Everyone is asking: When and how will the pandemic end?” said the ministers who led Singapore’s Covid-19 task force as quoted by The Straits Times.

“The bad news is that Covid-19 may never go away. The good news is that maybe we can live a normal life again with the virus in our midst,” they added.

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The ministers said that several steps from vaccination to contact tracing for infections would still continue in the new normal era.


Singapore’s Covid-19 task force considers vaccination to be the main key for the city-state to coexist with the SARS-like virus.

So far, based on ourworldindata.org data, as much as 50 percent of the total 5.9 million Singaporeans have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. A total of 2.06 million or 36.1 of the total population of Singapore have also received complete vaccinations.

With enough population vaccinated, Covid-19 will be considered as another endemic disease like the common cold and other minor illnesses.

Scientific evidence shows that vaccination is very effective in reducing the risk of contracting and transmitting. If a person is infected, the vaccine will prevent them from developing severe COVID-19 symptoms.

In addition to the speed of vaccination, Singapore also has strict rules governing social gatherings, wearing masks, fast and traceable contact tracing, and restricting movement.

The ministers hope at least two-thirds of the population is fully vaccinated with two doses ahead of Singapore’s National Day on August 9. “We are trying to speed up the delivery of the vaccine as well as the process,” they said.

When vaccination targets are reached, authorities can shift focus to not monitoring how many daily cases are, but the few people who fall ill after being vaccinated.

Covid-19 Test and Monitoring

Corona testing and monitoring will continue but with a different focus. Testing will focus on being carried out at national borders to monitor any arrivals from abroad who carry the virus, especially cases of the corona variant that are of concern to the world at this time.

Meanwhile, domestic Covid-19 testing will no longer be a measuring tool for quarantining people, but will be used as a condition for citizens to be able to enter a building and other place or/and attend an event, social activity, and travel abroad so that it can take place. with safe.

That way, business people in Singapore also don’t have to worry about the lockdown policy that will disrupt their business.

Singaporeans will also be allowed to travel abroad again with vaccination certificates to countries that have also brought the coronavirus pandemic under control. These travelers are expected to be free from quarantine rules because they have held a negative Covid-19 test result when they came to these countries.

Covid-19 Treatment

At the same time, scientists are also looking for effective ways to treat COVID-19. In the last 18 months since the pandemic spread, Singapore has had several types of treatment that are effective in treating Covid-19 patients with critical conditions so as to speed up the recovery process.

With treatment that continues to develop, it is hoped that infected residents can be allowed to do outpatient treatment at their respective homes, thereby reducing the burden on health facilities that continue to be stressed during the pandemic.

Social Responsibility

The collective awareness and compliance of every member of the community is considered the most decisive for the success of the new normal in Singapore. The ministers leading Singapore’s Covid-19 task force hope that residents will become more aware of health protocols if they want to live a new normal soon.

Some collective awareness that deserves attention is to keep your distance or even avoid crowds if you are aware that your body is not healthy or fit. In addition, immediately vaccinate.

“In the end, the possibility of us being able to coexist with Covid-19 also depends on Singaporeans’ own acceptance of the fact that Covid-19 will become endemic and our collective behavior and awareness in maintaining the safety of ourselves and those around us,” the ministers said.

Based on Worldometer statistics, Singapore recorded a total of 62,544 Covid-19 cases and 36 deaths. This figure is one of the lowest when compared to n

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