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SSD and HDD difference for Playing Games, Which Should You Choose?


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SSD and HDD difference for Playing Games, Which Should You Choose?, Not only for work, PCs can generally be used for other things, one of which is playing video games. However, not many people know some of the crucial components needed to be able to enjoy this hobby without a hitch.

Indeed, CPU, GPU, RAM are three components that are generally very important so that your game runs smoothly without a hitch. However, there are other crucial components that need attention, one of which is storage media.

Storage on a PC is generally divided into two types: Solid State Drive or SSD and Hard Disk Drive or HDD. Both have the same function, namely storing files, OS, and video games. But for those who are not, they can only distinguish it from the speed alone so that gaming is smoother or loading faster.

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In this article, we will explain what the difference is between the two with simple explanations and our suggestions for using one for gaming needs.

What is a Solid State Drive or SSD?

ssd samsung

Solid State Drive or SSD is a data storage device using a microchip. It has fantastic speed as there is no need to rotate a disc or disk to write / write and read / read data. To put it simply, SSD has the exact same system as a USB flash drive or maybe you prefer to call it a flash disk even though that is a misnomer considering the flash drive does not have a “disk”.

SSD Type (Internal)

There are many types of SSDs depending on their needs and speed. Since we are discussing internal SSDs, we will explain only the types of internal SSDs, external have more or less the same type.

SSDs are currently divided into five types: 2.5 inch, M.2 SATA, mSATA, PCIe, and M.2 NVMe.

2.5 inches is a big enough among the others which generally still use SATA cables like HDD to connect to the motherboard, while M.2 SATA will be smaller and flattened and will be installed in the motherboard slot like RAM (it has its own slot).

mSATA is quite similar to M.2 SATA, but the chip shape is slightly wider. PCIe SSDs will usually be installed in a slot under the GPU (PCIe) slot and are quite large depending on the heatsink provided by the manufacturer.

The last SSD is M.2 NVMe which looks more or less the same as M.2 SATA, but with more sophisticated technology. This type of SSD is one of the fastest in the SSD lineup.

What is a Hard Disk Drive or HDD?

hddHard Disk Drive or HDD is a data storage device using magnetic disk. This object will rotate and write data on the disk. The speed also varies, but in contrast to SSDs which still feel fast even though they are of different types, HDD will feel very slow when compared to its speed.

HDD Type (Internal)

hdd internalDifferent manufacturers and brands, different types of HDD. Just like SSD, we will only discuss the internal version because most external versions are not much different.

Generally, HDD is divided into a certain speed with the highest is 7200rpm. Each type of HDD also differs depending on what data transfer rates are supported.

Difference in Speed ​​between SSD and HDD

The write and read speed of an SSD will be much faster than an HDD. For example, a 2.5-inch SSD has a read speed of 500MB / s and write up to 350MB / s. Today’s fastest HDDs have 210MB / s read and 208MB / s write speeds.

This speed difference will be felt when running a program or video game. Usually game loading and load speed of some objects in video games.

Fragmentation or Collation of Data

ssd and hddIn storage, there are file locations that are divided into various parts / fragments. This section is called the sector. If these fragments are corrupted improperly, then the storage will experience bad sectors which are not only harmful to the health of the files, but also the device. From being slow or at worst the PC can’t read it at all.

The way to prevent such a thing from happening is to defragment or tidy up the data sectors. HDDs generally need this so they are not slow. But SSDs don’t need it because the storage system is automatically tidied up on the chip.

So, if you feel that your HDD is slow, maybe you haven’t done a defrag. The trick is to right-click the drive where your HDD is installed> properties> tools> optimize and defragment the drive.


priceSSDs with the new technology are clearly more expensive than HDDs. The faster the SSD with a larger capacity, the more expensive the price is. But everything paid off with some of the features described above.

The existence of HDD, why is there still if SSD is much better?

SSD and HDD for Playing Games, Which Should You ChooseMany things underlie why HDD is still in demand. One of them is that not all files require high speed. Photos, movies, documents are a few of the many files that will be useless if you use an SSD to open them because they are both not heavy to open.

In addition, the more affordable price will definitely save you money compared to having to buy an expensive SSD that can’t store all your files.

SSD and HDD for Playing Games, Choose Which?

SSD and HDD for Playing Games, Which Should You ChooseFrom the explanation above, it is clear that SSD wins the lot. Especially if you play heavy games with super long loading times like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Star Citizen, the existence of SSDs will really help to make it easier. However, because the price is fantastic, not everyone can afford it and we recommend that you buy a HDD with the highest speed even though the price is clearly more expensive than a regular HDD.

However, if you still want to enjoy an SSD, maybe you can start by buying a 2.5-inch SSD first, which is actually the cheapest. Or buy an SSD with a 500GB size to store games, for example. A little more expensive like M.2 SATA is also fine.

Those are the differences and our advice is which one is better than SSD or HDD if you want to use it for playing video games.

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