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These are the 5 Best Marksman Mobile Legends Heroes in June 2021, Suitable for Rank!

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There are several choices of the best Marksman Mobile Legends heroes that you should use for push rank in June 2021. Anyone?

Of the many class choices available in Mobile Legends, Marksman is one of the most important classes to be a carry in the team because it can inflict enormous damage. Of the many available Marksman heroes, there are five of the best Marksman Mobile Legends heroes in June 2021 that you should use!

Who do you think are the best Marksman in Mobile Legends heroes this June? So, instead of being curious, let’s just take a good look at the discussion through this one article!

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5. Beatrix

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Beatrix is ​​the most unique Marksman hero in Mobile Legends who is quite strong. Compared to Marksman heroes in general, Beatrix is ​​a more versatile hero and is suitable to be played in all situations and conditions thanks to the large selection of weapons that she can use.

Whether fighting from a distance or even at close range, Beatrix is ​​ready to do it all. What’s more, Beatrix is ​​capable of dealing enormous damage — big enough to drain the HP of the opponent’s Tank.

4. Claude

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Next up is Claude, a Marksman with a very high Attack Speed ​​level. Claude is capable of dealing massive damage with just his Basic Attack.

In addition, Claude also has a very agile movement because he has the Battle Mirror Image skill. This skill allows Claude to move around according to the shadow he places in a certain position.

Claude also has a Blazing Duet with a fairly large area and large damage. The combo between Battle Mirror Image and Blazing Duet is one of Claude’s deadly combos.

3. Wanwan

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The best Marksman Mobile Legends hero in third place this June is Wanwan, a Marksman with quite agile movements because he can move in a predetermined direction after landing an attack on the enemy.

Not only agile and difficult to catch, Wanwan is also able to produce enormous damage thanks to her passive skills. When the ultimate skill is activated, Wanwan will be difficult to stop when the team fights.

2. Brody

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Even though he was hit by a nerf a while ago, this did not make Brody out of the META hero ranks in Mobile Legends. Until now, Brody is still one of the best Marksman Mobile Legends heroes because he can still inflict enormous damage.

When the late game arrives, Brody can finish off his opponent quickly thanks to Brody’s passive skill that deals additional damage to the opponent.

1. Yi Sun-shin

Yi Sun-Shin is still a Marksman hero with quite overpowered abilities because he is able to produce great damage, and has skills that can be used to avoid enemy attacks.

His Traceless skill allows Yi Sun-Shin to do a dash and makes him immune to crowd control effects, and he also has the Blood Floods skill that can deal enormous damage to enemies.

So that’s the discussion about the best Marksman Mobile Legends heroes this June.

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