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This is Joe Taslim’s Actors Hope for Mortal Kombat!

This is Joe Taslim's Hope for Mortal Kombat!mortal kombat 2021 Actors. This is Joe Taslim’s Hope for Mortal Kombat!, In an interview with THR, actor Joe Taslim explained why he hopes to star in the Sub-Zero prequel. Joe explained that the character’s dark history, from being kidnapped to his parents being murdered, will be a fun story to listen to. He also said that the process of Bi-Han and his brother becoming murderers was a selling point for the film.

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“To be honest, the most interesting thing in my opinion is making a prequel. This prequel will tell about Bi-Han and his training at Lin Kuei, and when his parents were killed. So it will be a process when Bi-Han and his brother become murderers, and I think it will be an interesting story. ” Said Joe Taslim.

The prequel mortal kombat will certainly give Sub-Zero characters the opportunity to be told their origins in more depth. Sub-Zero itself has become a character that has been idolized a lot since the Mortal Kombat film was released some time ago. In the film’s opening scene, Bi-Han faces off against Hanzo Hasashi, and it is the fight that has received widespread praise from fans.

Some time ago, Joe Taslim said that a Mortal Kombat sequel is still uncertain. If the first film ended in success, Joe Taslim said that the cast was given the choice and approval to make the next film. Whether the film is a prequel or a sequel, the audience is still expecting Joe Taslim’s appearance as Sub-Zero or Noob Saibot though.

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The ending of the Mortal Kombat film is still hanging. Because the heroes on Earth must find other champions to prepare for the upcoming tournament. That means the Mortal Kombat story is still very likely to be continued and it is certainly worth waiting for. Let’s just wait, geeks, what will happen to the sequel or prequel to Mortal Kombat.

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