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Valora the Dawnbreaker new hero in Dota 2

Valora the Dawnbreaker, the existence of the Anime Dota Dragons Blood series gave rise to positive hopes for the future of the Dota 2 game. The MOBA game is still popularly played until now, but has often been criticized for being too slow in presenting the expected main updates. Assume that because this game has entered its old age, now Icefrog and Valve have just released an important update that happens to be about the emergence of a new hero.

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Dota 2 presents a new hero, let's get acquainted with Valora the Dawnbreaker

In update 7.29, unfortunately this new hero is known to have no connection whatsoever to the Anime Dragon’s Blood series. He himself has the name Valora, the Dawnbreaker and is purely present as a hero with a new lore who hasn’t been kidnapped so much in the Dota 2 universe. Especially from his profile as a member of “Children of Light” whose task is to eradicate darkness.

The appearance of Dawnbreaker itself is described as a female knight with an impressive appearance and demeanor. Especially from the hammer weapon he is holding, this new hero can sometimes remind you of Omniknight. Incidentally, he also kept at least the same skill function as the Purist Thunderwrath.

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Besides being both Strength-based heroes, Dawnbreaker has the ability to be able to heal teammates while attacking enemies. However, the image shown is more offensive and allows him to operate like a Carry hero.

This can be seen from skills 3 and 4 (ulti) which can be crucial enough to be utilized while in war. Skill 3 Dawnbreaker appears to be a passive skill that allows it to automatically heal friends (within range) every time it carries out normal attacks 3 times.

The amount of damage is also measured by how much damage it takes. While the ultimate skill also has a function to move places by flying and then plunging into the location of a friend’s hero in order to give serious damage to the enemy as well as heal his friends who are within range.

Then, skills 1 and 2 possessed by Dawnbreaker themselves are no less offensive. Through skill 1, he is also a hero stunner by spinning his hammer 3 times and hitting it on the floor to give an AOE stun effect. As for skill 2, Dawnbreaker can throw a hammer at the enemy or the floor and then make it float back towards him (or vice versa) by creating burnt effects on the floor.

Besides being able to provide a damage effect, there is also a slow effect that will be received by the enemy when standing or taking a walk in that spot. This skill seems to be very useful for opening pushes to harassing enemies at the start of the game.

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