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Viral Sunrise from the North in Jeneponto


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Exciting things happened in Jeneponto, South Sulawesi. From the footage that has gone viral on social media, it can be seen how the sunrises from the north in the district.This incident was initially seen by a number of teachers at MAN Binamu, Thursday (17/6/2021). They were confused because it was only 8.00 am, but the sun was in the north position.

“I say this is strange because I have never seen where the custom rises from the east to the east,” said the video recorder seen by CNBC Indonesia on social media, Friday (18/6/2021).

“But now it’s 8 in the morning and the sun is already in the north. It’s not like that.”

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Meanwhile, the Makassar Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) confirmed the incident. However, the BMKG emphasized that the sun is actually still in the east but on its way to the west, it is on the north side, not crossing the equator.

“So it still rises from the east, but on the way to the west he goes through the north route, you could say that,” said the BMKG forecaster on duty, Risky.

This event usually occurs from March and peaks in June and ends in September. According to him, towards October, November, December, the sun moves slowly from east to west through the south.

The sun will go straight from East to West and be at the Equator, December to February. According to Rizki, as published by Detik, the occurrence of the sun in the north is not only in Jeneponto but can be seen throughout Indonesia.

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