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Why Did Bane Think Bruce Wayne was His Brother?

bane vs batmanWhy Did Bane Think Bruce Wayne was His Brother?, Bane is a monster figure that was deliberately built to bring pain and fear. However, despite all his demeanor and very violent behavior, Bane is still a fragile child, lost in the dark world in which he was born. When Bane tries to find out the identity of his mysterious father, he finds a surprising fact that shows that Bruce Wayne and Bane are likely siblings.

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First introduced in Vengeance of Bane # 1 released in 1993 by Chuck Dixon and Graham Noan, the mother of Bane, an anti-communist fighter, gave birth to him in Pena Duro prison. He was there in his father’s place, for which his father should have been punished. When Bane was a child, his mother became weak and died in prison.

With diseases that arise in the prison, hunger, and various other terrible things, make Bane try to get out of there. And in the end he managed to do it. Bane began to find people who would help him, especially helping him increase his physical strength and knowledge.

One of the people helping Bane is Bird. He gives information about Gotham City, which makes Bane obsessed with killing Batman. Like Bruce, Bane also has bad memories with bats when he was in prison. Selected in the super soldier trial program, Bane was then implanted in his head and then injected with the addictive drug, Venom.

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After going to Gotham, and when the story of Knightfall unfolds, Bane tries to come up with a strategy to break Batman’s backbone and try to take over the city of Gotham. However, Bane did not stay in power for long after Azrael appeared and defeated him. In Vengeance of Bane # 2, Bane is later shown being sent to Blackgate prison, and is haunted by the imaginary figure of his father.

Bane then managed to escape from Blackgate prison and tried to destroy the criminal group that distributed Venom. It was there that he later met a doctor who had worked at Pena Duro, and revealed that Bane’s father was still alive. This then became the beginning of Bane’s adventure in finding his father in the comic Bane of the Demon, released in 1998.

In Santa Prisca, Bane met religious leaders he had met in prison, and revealed that there were four people who could be Bane’s father: a revolutionary in the Santa Prisca area, a British mercenary, an American doctor and a Swiss banker who owned connection with the Order of St. Dumas.

Bane then looks for the banker, who was killed by Azrael. Before Bane looked for other evidence, he then met with the League of Assassins. He was in awe of Ra’s Al Ghul, which made R’as ask Bane to look after his son, Talia, who later became the main story in the comic series Legacy.

While helping Ra’s spread fear and chaos in the world, Bane is successfully stopped by Batman, which causes him to part with R’as and Talia. However, what’s interesting is Ra’s himself managed to reveal Bane’s real father. After the No Man’s Land story, Bane then plans to destroy Ra’s Lazarus Pit.

In the story “Tabula Rasa,” Bane is then presented with potential evidence of his father’s identity by one of the former prisoners at Pena Duro. Bane then went to Wayne Manor and met with Bruce Wayne to discuss this. Bane asks Bruce for help in destroying the Lazarus Pit and in return he will give Bruce a very valuable information.

After agreeing, Bane then showed an old photo showing Thomas Wayne being with Bane’s mother somewhere. Shocked about this and the alleged existence of his father who betrayed his mother, Bruce also asked to do a DNA test immediately. And it turns out that the result is negative. Alfred went on to explain that Thomas Wayne had often helped Bane’s mother when Santa Prisca was going through difficult times.

In Gotham Knights # 47-49 which was released in 2004, it is shown how Bane, who is supported by a grant from Bruce and Dr. Leslie Thompkins, finally found the location of Bane’s father who turned out to be in Kangchenjunga. It turns out that Bane’s father is a mercenary named King Snake. He was badly injured as a result of being stopped by Team Drake.

Attempting to use a lethal weapon, Snake’s plan can finally be stopped. However, unfortunately, Bane must be seriously injured while trying to save Batman. In the end, Bruce used the Lazarus Pit to restore the enemy’s life, and gave him a second chance. Even though they are not siblings, Batman and Bane share a common bad past turned into a strong figure.

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