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Xbox Collaborates with Adidas to Create Xbox-Themed Shoes

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Xbox Collaborates with Adidas to Create Xbox-Themed Shoes!, Collaboration between companies is no longer a big secret for all of us. Because we know the goal is of course to attract one fan of a certain product to want to buy an item of cooperation between a well-known company.

As recently, Xbox is reportedly collaborating with Adidas to create 4 pairs of shoes that are likely to be released this year. Although Adidas or Xbox themselves have not announced if they are working together, Adidas has shown “a little” of their plans for the form of cooperation with Xbox.

Quoted from Complex, reportedly Xbox and Adidas will release a shoe called Forum Tech Boost with code (GZ3733) in June. Not only in June, they will also release two pairs of Adidas Retro Forum Mid with the code (GW7794 and GW7795) which reportedly will be introduced in October, and finally the Adidas Forum Tech in November.

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Based on information obtained by Complex, all the shoes above are reportedly going to be released in the same color. Namely black with additional green accents on the inside of the shoe along with a mixture of the Xbox logo located on the side of the shoe.

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In addition to getting information about the colors and types of shoes that will be released later, they have also found a leak in the form of a rendered photo of the shoe which is claimed to be the Forum Tech Boost shoe later. Keep in mind, this photo is just a leak. So there is a possibility that if Adidas and Xbox have officially announced all of the shoes above, the actual design will be different from the leaked photos.

Not only that, it should also be noted that until now Xbox and Adidas themselves have not provided official information regarding the collaboration or the release date of their shoes. So for Xbox fans who can’t wait to buy this collaboration shoe between Xbox and Adidas, you have to be patient indefinitely.

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